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Practice Nurse Clinic

Wound dressings, ear syringing, suture removal, health checks, smears, children immunisation, etc.

Blood Tests

If the GP has requested you have a Blood test, this can be done at the practice by appointment-please speak to Reception for more details.

Blood Pressure Pod

There is a self-service blood pressure machine at the practice which is available free to all patients registered to our practice. Please speak to Reception prior to use in order to record your readings.

Maternity Booking and Ante-Natal Clinic

The GP and midwives from Lewisham and St Thomas’s, in conjunction provide these with the hospital where appropriate.

Dietetic, Physiotherapy

These are available free of charge for patients registered with the practice. Patients must have been seen by a doctor or nurse and referred by them to these clinics.

Once treatment has ended a new referral from the doctor or nurse is required before patients can re-attend one of the clinics.

Non NHS Services

Certain services such as private sick certificates, insurance claim forms and some medical examinations, are not covered by NHS. Charges are made in line with British Medical Association recommendations. Please ask at reception for details. If you require these services you should arrange a non-urgent (routine) appointment.

Health Visiting Services

The health visitors provide advice on health care, especially for expectant mothers, babies, toddlers, young children, those with special needs and the elderly.

The health visitor will make a home visit to all new mothers and their babies between the 11th and 14th day after the birth.

You can contact your health visitor at Waldron on 020 3049 3475 Monday – Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm, or in the Well Baby Clinic.

Children’s Services

These are provided by the doctor, health visitors and practice nurses as appropriate. They include:

  • Development Checks (appointment required),
  • Immunisation Clinic (appointment required).
  • Our Well Baby Clinic where you can talk to a Health Visitor and get your baby weighed runs on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each Month between 09:30 – 11:15 (appointment not required).

New Patients

New patients are given a unique passcode to complete a health check on the Surgery Pod. This involves answering some questions and carrying out some routine investigations which will include blood pressure, height & weight, measurement. The information will help us to provide you with medical assistance until your old notes arrive from your previous GP.

Interpreting Services

Some of our staff speak languages other than English. These include Gujerati, Urdu and Chinese.

We have vietnamese interpreter on site on Wednesdays. We also have access to a range of other languages via telephone interpreter.

If you require an interpreter please inform the reception staff, giving at least 48 hours’ notice prior to your appointment.

Minor Ailments

You can also access the Minor Ailments Service / Pharmacy First Service, please click on the following link for Common ailments that your local pharmacist can help you resolve under the scheme

Travel Vaccinations/Travel Health services

The following travel vaccines are available free on the NHS, subject to eligibility, stock, Nurse availability and completion and return of the Travel questionnaire. The Nurse appointment and Travel questionnaire completion and return have to be a minimum of 6 weeks before the planned travel date.

Travel questionnaire to be completed and returned minimum 6 weeks before planned travel date.

Pre Travel Assessment ver 3

Additional vaccinations and medications may be recommended. These are not available on the NHS. If these are required we advise patients to consider one of the providers listed in the following document:

Lewisham travel directory oct 2018

You can get further Travel Advice by clicking on the following links and

There are a range of other Travel Clinics available, we have listed a few useful websites:,