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What are GPs and the Practice Team doing? Working harder than ever

National guidance stops patients directly booking a face to face appointment, they must have a remote consultation, such as a telephone consultation first. This can be frustrating for patients, and we sometimes share this frustration, but are obliged to work according national guidance, which is there to protect vulnerable patients. Anyone who the GP decides needs a face to face appointment will have access to one.

Just because you cannot directly book a face to face appointment does not mean that your GP is not working. An empty waiting room does not mean your GP or the practice team is not working.

GP’s and the practice team are working harder than ever, not avoiding work, and NHS England data shows that a record number of consultations are taking place. We as a Practice are offering the most appointments we have offered in our history and have recruited a number of new GP’s, despite the national shortage of GP’s. At the same time General Practice is facing increasing demands.

GP’s and the practice team are dealing with new challenges, such as shortages of blood bottles, over which we have no control.

We accept that these changes have been challenging for some patients and we are trying our best to overcome them, to provide great medical care for all.

Please click here to read a blog by a working GP explaining how GP’s are working in different ways and the challenges GP’s, the practice team and patients are facing.

We would like to thank our patients for their support and understanding during these challenging times.